Using of photo in the digital journalism today is an integrated with other journalistics editorial forms. It is for storytelling, or for visualization and aesthetical purposes. The taking of photos needs some bases and steps, there are five shot  sequences as;  close-up of a subject’s hands to show actions, or subject‘s face to show the impression of the persons who might be the hero of the story. The third shot is the medium to show what is going on near, as well as the wide shot is for all the scene of the event.  In the fifth shot the journalist should be creative, to capture from different angle, or to have unusual shot  Please see the five shot sequences.

World Press Photo Awards 2017 - Jonathan Bachman, Thomson Reuters - Taking A Stand In Baton RougeAward winning photos

The photo must contain  same values of the news to emphasizing the story as; adding human values and impression, conflict. Here I have inserted several photos had award winning photos   either for thier events, or creativity as; the angles, colors, lights   See 40 

There are rules for taking pictures by mobile, the device should be on airplane mode

, horizontally, as well as the journalists have to be cery close from the subject,  steady and they have care about the lighting  and the flash, the zoom .Still Photography.



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